About Us

Hascelik Group was founded in 1989, with production of steel sustension wires for cable industry. With continious development strategy and adaptation of product range for internation markets, Hascelik improved it's product range in very short term. Steel Wire Ropes, Streel Wire Springs, Aluminum Condcutors, Power Cables with Aluminum Conductors followes production of steel suspension wires in very short term.

Within history of 27 years, Hascelik Group founded Metal Matris for production of Steel Wires for springs and Steel Wire Spring Units and Systems, Coreal Aluminum Kablo for production of Aluminum Alloy Rods, Aluminum Alloy Conductors, Power Cables with Aluminum Conductors; Hascelik Kablo for production of Power Cables with Aluminum and Copper Conductors from 1 kV to 154 kV, Has Çelik ve Halat for production of Galvanized Steel Wires, High technology Steel Wire Ropes, etc. The last investment of Group was second production plant of Hascelik Kablo for OPGW, Aluminum Clad Steel Wires and Strands, Optical Fibers in Stainless Steel Tubes. And Hascelik is also investing a plant for Hasbiotech, biotechnological pharmaceutical products.


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